Cypress Agriculture owns all of it's farms. Being the landowner, Cypress Agriculture has total control of all operations from growing, packing, processing and shipping.


food safety concern have always been a top priority at Cypress Agriculture. That's why we have comprehensive program in place, from growing, packing, processing & shipping. Our duty as a food supplier is to ensure our customers that Cypress Agriculture products are always safe, wholesome and of the highest quality. We attribute much of our successful food safety program to our employees. They are all aware of food safety issues and therefore conducts themselves and their work ethic with this in mind. Everyone at Cypress Agriculture has great pride in keeping our products safe.


Our experienced growing team at Cypress Agriculture is always looking for new ideas in farming that can improve the quality of the products. We enhance our soil management operation, Through industry's research and in the field testing we are constantly educating ourselves. Every field that we plant undergoes some sort of test or trial. Crop spacing, seeds coating, water trials, fertilizer trials, variety trials... are just some of the tests we do on regular basis. Data is collected, analyzed and logged and results are used to implement new procedures if we find them Feasible & beneficial to our operation.


We've taken on the philosophy that we're not farming crops, we're farming the soil. We make sure that the soil is in good condition, where it is active and healthy, we know that the plant we grow there will be healthy, vigorous and disease resistant. Healthy plant have the natural ability to resist disease and pests which in turn cuts down on the usage of pesticides and herbicides.


 In the past, pesticide application was always done on a schedule. It was a "Spray And Kill The Bug" philosophy rather than having the plant defend itself. We're now working on developing new, resistant varieties that can battle insects and diseases on their own. Using cover crops, compost, crop rotation and select planting locations we're able to minimize the use of pesticides and Insecticides. Unlike the days of aerial spraying that used to cover the entire field, spraying today is done by pumps, which is more precise and effects only the immediate problem area.


The quality of Cypress Agriculture products is unmatched in the industry. That's because we use the same high quality vegetables that we sell on a retail level. Freshness is paramount, as harvested product goes straight for inspection and packing. There is never a delay in the process due to transportation or logistics problems. From planting to harvest, to processing, Cypress - Fresh products are always under Cypress Agriculture standards, where there is never a compromise for quality or freshness.